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Your Market Entry Partner Worldwide

Get into Europe

The 'old market' is still one of the most dynamic places in the world. Innovation, consumer spending and sophisticated structures make your entry tough but worth-while. What is my market niche? What are my competitors? How do I get in? Infoaid helps you to find and apply the right strategy for the right market.

At the same time, we offer our lobbying portfolio to interest groupings to make their voices heard within the EU institutions. The identification and acquisition of EU funding frequently forms an integral part of our work.



Get into Asia

From the world's largest sourcing markets to the fastest growing consumer markets, Asia is in transition at fast speed. Is my product and/or service suitable? Who is my consumer? Who will sell my product and/or service? What are the customs duties? Do I need certification? How do I access the market? With our network partners in China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Myanmar and Vietnam we help you to find the right solution.



Get into MENA

In close vicinity to Europe, countries located in the Middle East and in the North African region are important sales and sourcing partners for European companies. Moreover, political developments make cooperation and mutual market access imperative. Our core-countries in the region are the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. Our work in the North African region has a strong development focus and frequently entails the close cooperation with government agencies for international cooperation and development. Our market expertise has been a great asset to the overall effort of promoting regional stability through economic progress.


Get into RUSSIA / CIS

Despite recent turmoils that have profoundly affected thousands of European companies doing business with Russia throughout the past ten years, the country remains a key trading partner for Europe. The sheer size of the domestic market offers vast potentials for decades to come. Moreover, the country serves as a strategic gateway to the CIS region as a whole, reaching-out to many millions of consumers.


Get into South America

Intricate custom procedures, unclear rules and currency fluctuations have left their mark. However, today the continent enjoys prime prospects for sales and investment. We help you to screen the markets of Brazil, Columbia and Peru in order to create appropriate market actions.

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